Dip & Torch Brazing, MIG & TIG Welding

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When it comes to your brazing & welding needs, look no further than PMI!

Our talented team is well trained, AWS certified, greatly experienced and highly skilled in all types of metal joining and bonding including:

PMI’s team also provides adhesive bonding, soldering and riveting and can recommend the joining/bonding method most suitable for your needs.

We not only do both MIG and TIG welding, we do them exceptionally well.

When it comes to your welding needs, again PMI is an industry leader.

In some circumstances, brazing has many advantages over other metal-joining techniques.

Since brazing does not melt the base metal of the joint, it allows much tighter control over tolerances and produces a clean joint without the need for secondary finishing.

Dip brazing is especially suited for brazing aluminum because air is excluded, thus preventing the formation of oxides. Torch Brazing is by far the most common method of mechanized brazing in use. It is best used in small production volumes or in specialized operations.

PMI specializes in Aluminum Dip Brazed as well as Torch Brazed assemblies for the defense, medical, avionics, electronics and several other industries.